Neuroscientist Vivek Misra joins Real Scientists

We’re heading over to Chennai, in south India, to meet our next curator, Clinical Neuroscientist Vivek Misra (@iVivekMisra). Vivek works for Neurokrish Consulting at Chennai, where he studies Neuropsychiatry, Neuromodulation. Vivek is driven by his passion for science communication and grand challenges in Healthcare, applying current advances, and innovating future applications to achieve real-world impact in Mental Health. Here’s Vivek on how he ended up as a clinical neuroscientist.



From my high school onwards, I was always interested in Genetics and biological basis of disorders, later I did my Bachelor of Technology in Genetic Engineering with focus on Cancer Biology. However, I shifted my focus to Brain and Behavioural disorder leading to pursuing M.S. in Clinical Neuroscience focusing upon epidemiology and clinical outcomes in stroke and epilepsy; followed by Fellowship in Brain Stimulation at Rambam Healthcare Campus, Israel post which I setup neuromodulation lab with rTMS and tDCS with brain mapping facility at Buddhi Clinic under the leadership of Prof. E.S. Krishnamoorthy in Chennai.


I am passionate about caring for the sick, to teach those who care for the sick, and to contribute to our understanding of health, wellness, and the brain, through biomedical research.


Being actively involved in clinical procedures, I start my day with review of patients scheduled for the repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), while I perform rTMS procedures, I give electrode placement instruction to an electrophysiologist. Follow-up and referral to Clinical Psychologist and Consultant Neuropsychiatrist on clinical assessment and particiapte in case-reviews. As assistant editor of The Global Approach series by Cambridge University Press, currently working upon 2nd edition of Dementia – A Global Approach where I liaise with authors and press; meanwhile working on my own manuscripts and analyzing clinical data.


Many cutting edge discoveries in research frontiers remain siloed in academia. The result is policy and practice that can be divorced from known principles of Science and Technology. One of the main thrust area is Mental Health, where Treatment Gap, Stigma and Our understanding of the disorder plays a crucial role. By understanding the biological basis of neuropsychiatric disorder and exploring the therapeutic intervention will lead to better public health policy and decision making.

I am academic coordinator of the International Neuropsychiatric Association, which aim to gather professionals around the world in order for them to share information and build networks. It aims to help develop educational processes in Neuropsychiatry.


I am a long distance runner chasing faster timings at Half-Marathon and Marathon Distance. My ideal off day, starts with a long run with my running community followed by a sumptuous breakfast. Later in day with coffee, I spend time in leisure reading and productivity hacks (I am a productivity nerd) and catching up with friends.


Welcome. Vivek!


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