April on Real Scientists

This April, we have a great range of curators lined up on Real Scientists and we’re focussing on humans.  We’ll be talking to a range of scientists involved in fossils preservation, human genetic evolution and human physiology and decision making.


Mariana Di Giacomo, palaeontologist, will be tweeting from April 1-7 on fossil preservation from the US


Dr Holly Witteman, sociologist, will be tweeting from April 8-14, on intersections of health decision making, health education, and human-computer interaction from Canada


Kimberleigh Tommy, palaeoanthropologist,  will be tweeting from April 15-21 on palaeoanthropology, functional morphology and the evolution of upright walking from South Africa


Monika Cechova, bioinformatics, April 22-28 rounds off the month talking about the evolution of sex chromosomes in great apes, bringing us back to the US.


We look forward to hosting these scientists  – get your questions ready!






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