Symptomatic Immunity: Caleph B. Wilson joins Real Scientists!

We are so pleased to have Caleph B. Wilson (@HeyDrWilson) join us this week here are Real Scientists. Caleph is a field application scientist, specialising in cellular immunotherapy and gene editing.

WilsonCB_HighRes_HeadshotAs usual, we asked Caleph to tell us a little bit about their journey in science so far:

I spent a summer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying immune responses to Trypanosoma brucei infections, and was admitted to the NIGMS sponsored MARC program when I returned to Alcorn State University that fall. As a MARC fellow, I spend the entire academic year studying enkephalin-derived peptide modulation of immune responses. These two experiences solidified my desire to be a researcher.

The immune system is a major player in virtually all health processes. I spent time learning innate immunity in graduate school and decided to study translational adaptive immunity as a postdoc. Training in an environment that sought to rapidly move projects from the bench to the bedside was what I wanted to do.

 My expertise is in cellular immunotherapy and gene editing. In my current position, I use my expertise to assist other scientists with developing applications to move their projects and workflows forward. A major highlight of my current work is that I get to work with scientists across all disciplines. This results in many opportunities to learn about a wide range of science projects.

Across the world the lay public invests in scientific research with the goal of improving public health as their key return on investment. My work in cellular immunotherapy and gene editing is yielding a return on investment for the public. Importantly, their are many scientists working hard every day to improve public health, and we should work to spend more time talking to the lay public about how their investment in research. After learning about our work, the lay public would most likely consider the work important.

Please welcome Caleph to Real Scientists!

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