Journal Week at Real Scientists!

Guess what! Starting tomorrow it’s JOURNAL WEEK at Real Scientists! We’re bringing in 3 curators, all journal editors but with different backgrounds and representing different types of scientific journals. We hope to have good discussions about peer-review, the impact factor, science communication, and all things related to publishing scientific results, methods, and data! (FYI we’re planning for a whole other week on open access though, so save some OA-energy for that!)

First up we have Robert Garisto (@RobertGaristo), theoretical particle physicist and editor for Physical Review Letters, an American Physical Society journal. This is a “traditional” scientific journal with peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Next curator is Nicole Nogoy (@Medi_Cole). Nicole has a background in cardiovascular molecular medicine and is now an editor at GigaScience, a journal that publishes articles using and/or generating large datasets.

Our last curator is Jamie Verner (@JLVernonPhD), a molecular biologist and executive director and CEO at Sigma Xi Society. He is also the editor-in-chief at American Scientist, Sigma XI’s journal written by scientists for a general audience.

We’ll post the usual introductory posts for each of the curators where you can read more about them and their work as editors.

We hope that you will enjoy interacting with our curators during Journal Week!

/Helena, on behalf of the @RealSciMods

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