Turn Up The Speed – It’s Particle Accelerator Week At Real Scientists! Part(icle) 4

It’s my particle and I can science if I want to! Join us for this very exciting week at Real Scientists, which will be split up among 5 wonderful researchers that are all working with one of the most fascinating machines in the world.

Our fourth curator this week will be Ciprian Plostinar (@cplostinar)Accelerator Physicist at STFC! Here’s Ciprian in his own words:

How did you end up in science? Good overlap with the things that I naturally enjoy doing. Suited my personality.ciprian_photo_with_family

Why did you choose your current field? I visited CERN while an undergrad. Immediately saw myself pressing the big BEAM STOP button. 🙂

Tell us about your work! I design high power, high intensity linear accelerators. More about their applications later…

Why should the lay public care about your research?

1. Because generic research is something that should excite all of us.
2. Because their lives could be directly affected by some of the applications of my research.
3. Because they pay for it.

Do you have any interesting extracurricular obligations? I’m involved in a number of educational projects both in the UK and Romania aimed at providing opportunities for young people. I am the co-founder of a charity which runs a yearly summer school in Oxford for talented young people from humble backgrounds from Romania.

Any interesting hobbies you’d like to share? Looking after two young boys. Takes all my time.

How would you describe your ideal day off? Mountain hiking.


Please welcome Ciprian to Real Scientists!

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