Microscopic policies – Kimberly E. Walker joins Real Scientists!

We’re very happy to welcome our next curator, Dr. Kimberly E. Walker (@CoquiNegra), to Real Scientists! Kimberly is the manager for public affairs at the American Society for Microbiology ni Washington DC, US. You can read more about Kimberly in her own words below.

How did you end up in science?  I was observing nature and was performing experiments on insects by the time I was 4 years old. I’m pretty sure I was born to be a scientist. I first wanted to be an oceanographer, then a chemist, but settled on clinical laboratory sciences after I took my first microbiology course in High School.

Why did you choose your current field?  My first microbiology course pretty much sealed the deal for me. I no longer conduct wet laboratory experiments, but I’m able to follow so much stellar research for my current position. The reason I studied to be a scientist is probably the same reason most people do: I wanted to know how things “work”.

Tell us about your work! These days, I help craft policy for clinical microbiology.  PaulKim

Why should the lay public care about your work? If regulations and policy are badly set up, people, animals, and the environment can suffer. For example, without correct policy, testing conditions, quality control and assurance, even personnel training would not be optimal.

Do you have any interesting external/extracurricular obligations? I serve as an unofficial science advisor to the community of a podcast called @TWiBPrime. More often than not, I explain complex concepts in infectious disease so non-biologists can understand them clearly.

Any interesting hobbies you’d like to share? I crochet, cook, and see Marvel movies on a regular basis.

What do you do on your ideal day off? Farmers’ market, dim sum, a swim and a movie

Please welcome Kimberly to Real Scientists!

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