Aint’ looking for nothing but a gut time: thanks and farewell Mayan Amiezer

Immunology researcher Mayan Amiezer @MayanAp0calypse from the University of New South Wales, joined Real Scientists in June.

In what might be a first, Mayan introduced herself to RealScientists fans by video, where she talked about what her plans for the week. We loved it!

There was also a lot of beautiful #artof sci, including this micrograph from Mayan’s own research

But in terms of the best pic of the week, it’s a toss up between these cute as a button doges…

…and this stunning spot to have a little paddle.

We asked Mayan to complete our post-curation survey, and her answers follow.

In general terms, how did you find your week as a curator?

Overall it was very positive

It can be a shock talking to so many. Did you find the sudden rush of interactions (good and bad) daunting?

I am a bit of a twitter novice and the many interactions were a tad daunting but also a lot of fun. I enjoy talking to many people and it wasn’t too controversial for most of my posts so I did not feel as though I was flooded. It was still a bit relaxing to be able to go back to my tiny account that only has 300 followers.. 🙂

What were the highlights? Were there any lowlights?

My curation week started with the news of Orlando’s shooting which was a really emotional moment for me being gay. It was really heart warming to have so much support when I shared my thoughts on it during my first tweets and when I continue to tweet science related stuff because life has to move on. I had a really diverse schedule and it felt that people really liked my #ArtOfSci hashtag and my various star trek discussions which was really nice. I also really enjoyed bringing mental health to the table and discussing coping with ADHD. I learned about the pomodoro method to help manage time and efficiency and that was cool. a lowlight was when someone ridiculed my spelling in a post about imposter syndrome and another person who appeared homophobic in a post I put up about the rainbow stairs at UNSW, my uni. These were overshadowed by lots of amazing people who shared and liked those posts. 🙂

Is there anything you wanted to get out of / do on the RS account that you didn’t manage to fit in?

Not really. I had a schedule that I prepared in advance and that worked really well.

Did you have a plan? If so, did you stick to it?

Had a plan yes and I did stick to it with Tweetdeck.

Do you have any tips or advice for future RS curators?

Use tweetdeck to help plan out the week and keep track of what’s going on as far as notifications and interactions. It’s most helpful! 🙂

What other people or accounts should people follow if they enjoyed your tweets this week?

@ADHDscientist @adhd_professor @IHeartHisto @chron_ac @Chapman_histo @rachelHollisArt

Thanks once again Mayan from all of us here at RealScientists HQ. If you missed anything from her week, the tweets are all collated at the following link.


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