Tweeting on Ice: thanks and farewell Sammie Buzzard

Glaciologist Samantha Buzzard (@treacherousbuzz) joined Realscientists back in March. Sammie shared with us her perspectives on #PhDlife, equality in science and lots of information about cold, cold ice.

Sammie also travelled to Edinburgh while tweeting, and shared some sci-tourist snaps with us, like this one with Dolly the sheep… #baaaa

and also reminisced about her trip to Svalbard, the world’s most Northern town

We asked Sammie to complete our post-curation interview, and her answers are below.

In general terms, how did you find your week as a curator?

Really positive, good questions and interactions.

It can be a shock talking to so many. Did you find the sudden rush of interactions (good and bad) daunting?

I’d set time aside specifically for tweeting so it wasn’t too bad- it was nearly all good which helped. I wasn’t really sure how much to tweet, find ing the balance between being interesting and annoying is hard.

What were the highlights? Were there any lowlights?

People being supportive of the things I talked about that weren’t straight science e.g. PhD lifestyle, women in science etc.

Is there anything you wanted to get out of / do on the RS account that you didn’t manage to fit in?

I would have liked to talk about early career researchers and things they do, especially the UK Polar Network.

Did you have a plan? If so, did you stick to it?

Yes and mostly yes! I thout it as easier to have a general idea of a theme/ topic for each day.

Do you have any tips or advice for future RS curators?

Think about some big things you want to cover first- they will most likely lead to other conversations but at least you’ll know where to start and be on ground you’re comfortable on.

What other people or accounts should people follow if they enjoyed your tweets this week?


Thanks once again Sammie from all of us here at RealScientists HQ. If you missed anything from her week, the tweets are all collated at the following link.


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