Real Scientists Holiday Special: Return of Amanda Glaze: All about evolution

Huge thanks to Brad Tucker for his supernovatastic week tweeting over Christmas! We’re now heading over to the US to meet our next Holiday Curator, Dr Amanda Glaze (@EvoPhD).  We are delighted to welcome Amanda back. Amanda first tweeted for us in February. Dr Glaze first started out in law, worked through population genetics and then ended up in her current work, studying responses to evolution and communication. You can find out more about Amanda here. Since February, she’s been working on a huge study on evolution in the US, and we’re looking forward to hearing about this work this week.

We are delighted to welcome Amanda back and caught up with her to see what she’s been up to:

What have you been up to since your curation stint – has anything changed, personally or professionally? 

IMG_20150629_173112Since my curation last February, I have been very busy! I had the honor of being featured on the Science Friday Macroscope documentary series (The Pot Stirrer) as well as a special panel on teaching evolution called #TeachTheE! In addition, some of the work I discussed during my week was released in publication with the journal Science Education and another piece is in review presently. I am hoping to hear soon that some projects on evolution education that I am involved with are further funded as well *fingers crossed*. In the research arena, I am six months into a year on data collection period in a national measure of evolution understanding and foundations in higher education students in the United States. Did I mention I got to go to NASA Space Camp?!

What are your memories of curating @RealScientists the first time?

I had an amazing time as curator for @RealScientists! The program allowed me to meet and speak with some amazing people. A number of the opportunities I have had this year were as a direct result of the program.

Has social media, particularly Twitter, changed the way you communicate about your research – and if so, how?

Social Media is imperative in what we do as scientists, not only to network and share with each other but in being the face of what we do. Connecting with the public is the ultimate key to scientific literacy and in causing positive change to happen around us. People distrust what the don’t know and understand. Social Media is one more very powerful tool in breaking that barrier and bringing STEM to life for everyone!

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