Crystal clear – Thanks and farewell Jennifer Novotney

Even though Jennifer Novotney’s (@CommonChemist) work includes finding ways to detect explosives, she makes sure to wear the proper protective gear just in case something blows up. Jennifer is currently transitioning from┬áCornell University, New York, where she did her PhD on high-performance polymers, to a career in science communication.


Jennifer spent her week (January 18- 25) curating @RealScientists walking us through synthesizing covalent organic framework polymers, everything from setting up the system to running an X-ray diffraction on the crystals. She also showed off her lab’s #SciArt talents:


If you missed Jennifer’s tweets, they are all available here (most recent tweets at the top). She had some thoughts on her week curating @RealScientists:

In general terms, how did you find your week as a curator?

I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately it was a slow week in lab so I didn’t always feel like I had the most to talk about. It was really exciting to see people retweet and favorite what I was saying about chemistry.

It can be a shock talking to so many. Did you find the sudden rush of interactions (good and bad) daunting?

I really enjoyed it. Whenever people liked or favorited my comments I got really excited and motivated to keep tweeting!

What were the highlights? Were there any lowlights?

The highlights were having people respond to my messages.

Did you have a plan? If so, did you stick to it?

A bit of a plan, I wish I had had a bit more of one, but it worked out well.

Do you have any tips or advice for future RS curators?

Take pictures! People really love seeing live science!


B7_nbAFIEAEnUrAWe all had a great time reading Jennifer’s tweets this week (you can continue following her at @CommonChemist) – there were even a surprise shark sighting at the end!


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