A Particle-y Good Week – Thank you and Farewell Seth Zenz

This week at Real Scientists, we got the serious lowdown on everything you ever wanted to know about all things CERN and LHC. Tweeting from a conference in Boston on jet physics (which is nothing to do with planes), Seth provided us with a veritable jet of information for this past week. Despite some serious jet (the plane kind) lag, Seth was answering ALL of the questions we had about the Large Hadron Collider, the Higgs boson and particle physics. There were also some fascinating insights into dark matter, dark energy, supersymmetry, gravity… so generally just all the incredible physics to blow your tiny mind to sub-atomic particle-sized pieces.


Seth rocking a CERN Google Hangout

In addition to particle physics were some discussions on topics including what constitutes a scientific question, and the funding of blue sky or fundamental research as opposed to the more applicable or industrially relevant sciences. The storify of Seth’s week will be available shortly is here. Keep up with Seth and his explorations in physics by following him @SethZenz.

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