Crowdsource This: Thank you and Farewell Ethan Perlstein

For the past week Real Scientists have had the pleasure of hosting Ethan Perlstein, where we were treated to tweets about  drug discovery, genetics, orphan disease advocacy, evolutionary pharmacology, fundraising for research and more!

Networking is a crucial part of science, and as a ‘small science’ businessman, it is an area in which Ethan has particular expertise. From the should-be-obvious (be sure to display your nametag prominently), to the slightly more nuanced (spend time making one or two solid connections rather than flitting around like a butterfly), Ethan precipitated a discussion about networking which brought forth some excellent advice applicable to anyone wanting to expand their networks at a conference or meeting.

Hello! My name is...

Hello! My name is…

Ethan also gave us an insight into the relatively new service of lab benches for hire. Laboratory based sciences are so infrastructure hungry it can be difficult to get started if, like Ethan, you aren’t already employed by a university or research organisation.

Finally, as we all know, you can’t SCIENTS without moneys, and Ethan also spent a lot of the week meeting with investors and pitching, pitching pitching. So thank you Ethan for making small science big for us this week, and be sure to keep up with his adventures on twitter at @eperlste. Psst, we even hear that @PerlsteinLab might be hiring soon!

Catch up on anything you missed on storify, and next up, someone you’ll CERNtainly be interested to hear from – Seth Zenz, a physicist who works at the LHC.

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