Conversation starter: thanks and farewell to Dr Akshat Rathi of The Conversation UK

For the past week on @RealScientists we’ve been honoured with the curationary company of Dr Akshat Rathi, Science and Technology Editor for The Conversation UK. Like its Australian forebear, The Conversation is an independent news and commentary website which carries content primarily from academics. Akshat took us through the process of bringing a story from original idea to finished article (pardon the pun), as well as providing a veritable linkstorm of cool content of his own – from art and theatre to the moral complexities of personal genome sequencing, from the brilliance of Tim Minchin to the do’s and don’ts of Wikipedia editing to the disquieting advent of ‘volunteer’ destructionpostdoc positions. Most notably of all, Akshat survived the Great British Storm of October 2013 which wreaked destruction and havoc – not to mention the Fat Controller‘s arch nemesis, confusion and delay – right across south-east England. His Victoria Cross is in the post. Our gratitude for an excellent week’s curation of the account goes without saying. And as Akshat said:

In my week, I found @upulie’s words true: followers of @realscientists are really kind and friendly. Also very engaged. Thank you!

— realscientists (@realscientists) November 2, 2013

Dawwww. RealScientists followers clearly love you too. Keep following Akshat on Twitter, and via his various media roles (check his Twitter bio for more info.) If you missed any of his week on the account, check out Storify: Part 1 | Part 2.

Next week: James Hutson, ace writer, illustrator and animator of Bridge8. He makes cool stuff. Watch and listen.


James is a recovering scientist and escaped postdoc who works in research management at the University of Otago, New Zealand. He's now retired from active @RealScientists duty, after serving from the project's beginnings in 2013 through to mid 2015. When not managing research, surviving #PlanetParenthood or pretending not to be an expat Australian in the Deep South of NZ, he tweets @theotherdrsmith.

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