Is there a Physicist in the House? Matthew Francis joins Real Scientists

Please welcome our next curator for Real Scientists, Dr Matthew Francis. Be-beareded and be-bowler hatted, and hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Matthew is a physicist, science writer, public speaker, and educator. Matthew writes and speaks on cosmology, astronomy, and many other subjects in physics, all aimed at non-specialist audiences. He also directs CosmoAcademy, teaching and organising classes on astronomy and related topics. Just to add to all this coolness, Matthew I have appeared in comics form as Pluto’s moon Nix. And, he’s currently writing a book on cosmology, with working title Back Roads, Dark Skies: A Cosmological Journey.

Matthew Francis and a model of the Universe as we know it, Jim

Matthew Francis and a model of the Universe as we know it, Jim

We are delighted to welcome Matthew on board at Real Scientists. Physics is what underpins every thing in the universe – it’s a huge statement but completely true. Matthew also takes the work he’s done and communicates it to a huge audience, from Galileo’s Pendulum, to covering the physics and astronomy beat for Ars Technica and Double X Science, where he serves on the editorial staff. His writing has also appeared at BBC Future, the New Yorker‘s “Elements”, Wired Science, the Scientific American Guest Blog, Culture of Science, and the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast. Matthew tweets at @DrMRFrancis and blogs at Bowler Hat Science. We’re privileged to have him tweeting for us, so get your sciencey questions ready. Welcome Matthew!

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  1. June 9, 2013

    […] OK, it’s not quite like Pinocchio‘s “I’m a real boy” transformation, but I will be handling the RealScientists Twitter feed this week, talking about what I do as a professional science writer and (of course) physics, astronomy, cosmology, music, comics, or whatever I usually talk about. If you’re on Twitter, follow along, and make sure you stick around: that feed hosts many excellent people from all over the world in a variety of disciplines. (The official introduction is at the RealScientists site.) […]

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