Turtle Power! Farewell and thanks Mark Hamann

This is a creek that our curator for the last week, Dr Mark Hamann, cleaned up just a week before.  This is what it looks like two days after it rained:


It’s just a small example of the challenges that faces environmental scientists and environmentalists everywhere in dealing with pollution and its effects.

This week, environmental scientist Mark Hamann gave us an insight into this world, and into the world of turtles, dugongs and other marine animals. Now, every week at Real Scientists HQ, we say “this curator is the best one so far,” and it’s true, and yet again we were privileged to host a wonderful scientist who was also a wonderful communicator.  Mark Hamann specialises in turtles and based at Townsville’s James Cook University, was a popular and outstanding curator for Real Scientists, tweeting live from beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, even a turtle hospital! Mark showed us the challenges of having to manage the expectations and limitations of government, industry, community in dealing with environmental issues. He also talked about his work with Indigenous scientists and the importance of Indigenous knowledge in environmental management. We got to see first hand what happens to turtles when our carelessness and indifference results in rubbish in our waterways and oceans. But most of all, we got to look at BABBY TURTLES IS THERE ANYTHING CUTER:


One of the highlights of the week was when Mark hosted a session – via twitter, of course – with @DugongClass, a Year 1/2 from Newtown, Sydney. Asking questions of Mark live over Twitter, they also got to pass on questions that Mark then asked of the foremost dugong expert in the world, Prof. Helene Marsh. It was a fantastic exercise in direct access and a very proud moment for us at RS.  The Storify of that extreme cuteness is here. This is what it’s all about – reaching out.  We welcome more interaction with school students, please get in touch with us if you’d like your class to engage with a – well, a Real Scientist!  Checkout the Storify for more awesome photos and tweets from Mark’s week.

So massive thanks from Real Scientists – admin and community for being such a great sport.  We’re looking to host Mark at our Facebook space and Google hangout sometimes in the near future, and we hope you’ll join us then.

Next up, we welcome superstar science communicator Eva Amsen – @easternblot, tweeting from England!  Welcome, Eva.

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  1. john.nicholas777@yahoo.com' John Nicholas says:

    Mark Hamann specialises in turtles and based at Townsville’s John Curtin University
    the correct version is
    Mark Hamann specialises in turtles and based at Townsville’s James Cook University

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