About @RealScientists

Real Scientists is for the people.

We all begin life as scientists. As little children, we observe, we discover, we ask questions, we form hypotheses, we test them. Real Scientists is about the people who never stopped asking. Real Scientists (@realscientists) is a rotational Twitter account featuring scientists, researchers, clinicians, writers, communicators and policy makers talking about their lives and their work.

Who’s a Real Scientist? Anyone who never lost that childlike wonder and that wish to understand more about the world and our universe. If you’re reading this, you’re a Real Scientist.

If you’d like to participate as a curator, drop us an email.

For more information on how to apply for curation, and why you should sign up and tweet for us for a week, see here.

The original idea for RealScientists came from our friend Bernard Kealey, and we thank him very much for this.

Our RealScientists admin/moderator team is on Twitter (@RealSciMods).

Not *that* sort of Mods

Not those sorts of Mods

Follow this account for information on upcoming curators, links to blog posts, and news and events surrounding RealScientists, science and science communication.

The @RealSciMods are:

Curation arrangements, account maintenance: @upulie

Blog posts, account admin, Storification, Facebookery and enthusiasm:  @upulie (UD), @reneewebs (RW), @arulprakash94 (AP), @Helena_LB (HL), @fMRI_guy (JF), @bish_marz (BM), @nickwan (NW), @sciencebanshee (SF), @neurofim (FA), and @manuellayassa (MY). Look for those initials tagged against tweets on the @RealSciMods account to figure out who’s about.

Former Mods team members, whose efforts we very much appreciate: @theotherdrsmith@MCeeP@DrSMMorgan, and @sciencesarah, and also @JohnBorghi and @raihanaaaa.

Artwork: @diva_ex_machina, @therevmountain@MCeeP