Drug testing for Epilepsy: Dr Gaëlle Batot curates Real Scientists

Real Scientists is delighted to welcome Dr Gaëlle Batot (@DrDesigual) to the account this week. Dr Batot is a senior research analyst at the University of Utah with the The Anticonvulsant Drug Development Program.

Welcome to Real Scientists! How did you get into research?
By accident? I failed Med School, I got the opportunity to join the second year of a lab technician school, during that year I spent 3 months as an undergrad in a biochem lab working studying proteins from Toxoplasma Gondii and I fall in love with science. I switched to Epilepsy/drug development to be closer to patients, and feel like I am helping to cure a disease.

What does your current work involve?
I work for a program testing potential drugs for Epilepsy in different models. I am more a project manager, I interGaelle Batot - 9act with companies national and international as well as other Universities doing some testing for us. I give them the experimental instructions, make sure they receive the compounds to test, verify that the experiment was done properly, review and report the data. I am also helping to implement Quality Control to ensure the experiments are always rigorously done, with little variations even if performed by someone different. Consequently, I am writing a very detailed Standard Operating Procedure, I also help to develop Case Report Forms and reports for the participants. Finally, I am in charge of the program Social Media, find us at @Add-Program on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linked In!

What’s something you want everyone to know about your work?
First thing’s first, I want everybody to know how to act if you witness someone having a seizure! I think Epilepsy is not well known and I want to fight stigma and promote awareness about the disease. Then it is important for the public to learn more about the drug development process.

What does a perfect day off look like for you?
Going to the mountains, putting my backpack on, hiking with my dog and husband for the day, find a nice, remote camping site, build the tent, make a fire, get a beer, diner, grill marshmallows by the fire, and enjoy each other’s company until we go to sleep in the tent.

Gaëlle Batot, welcome to Real Scientists!

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