Chemistry and mental health with Teresa Ambrosio

Teresa is a first-generation scientist who just finished her PhD in Chemistry. She’s an active science communicator and advocates for mental health in academia.

Her academic work is on transition-metal catalysis. Teresa enjoys chemistry and learning about science in general. The chemistry field is a great place to be.

One reason that Teresa got into Scicomm is that there is a total lack of understanding on chemistry, chemicals and natural. Some people think that chemicals and chemistry is evil — chemistry is life, not evil.

But there’s another reason that Teresa got into Scicomm,

“I got into science communication because I was doing very poorly during my PhD due to stereotypes and a very toxic environment. I started science communication as a way to get out from PhD life and the lab environment. I took part in STEM festivals and started my blog. All these extra activities kept my sanity and managed to finish my PhD,” she explained.

When she’s not doing research or scicomm, Teresa likes doing crochet, going to the gym, taking walks by the canal, going for a nice meal or getting comfy on the sofa with a nice book.

This week, Teresa will talk about career options outside academia and wellbeing, including mental health and work-life balance. She’ll show a bit of an insight into the life of a scientist too.

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