Having a Knees Up: Søren Skou hosts Real Scientists

Real Scientists is running (with proper knee support) around Denmark this week with Dr. Søren Skou (@STSkou), an Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark and head of an interdisciplinary research group at Næstved-Slagelse-Ringsted Hospitals. His research examines surgical and non-surgical treatment for knee pain, and he spoke to Real Scientists about his work so far.

Welcome to Real Scientists! Tell us about your work:
I conduct clinical trials of treatments in people with chronic conditions, including osteoarthritis and multimorbidity [having multiple health conditions at the same time], most often including exercise as part of the treatment. Furthermore, I have a strong focus on implementation to ensure that the research helps improve quality of care.

What’s your primary research goal?
To develop and implement evidence in clinical practice for the benefit of patients

What do you want the public to know about your work?
The research is conducted in real-life clinical practice; developing new treatments, testing established treatments and implementing research in clinical practice, all for the benefit of the individual and society. As such, the research is most often easy to interpret and apply for the public.

What are your interests outside the lab and clinic?
I have a keen interest in football, supporting Manchester United and AaB (Denmark). Also, exploring and being active with my family.6863

Søren Skou, welcome to Real Scientists!

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