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This week we have Jens Gaitzsch (@jgaitzsch) , Senior Scientist at Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden. Jens is a polymer chemist, and is actively working on making biodegradable plastics! We asked Jens what he works on, what makes him tick and other things!

How did you get into your current work, and why do you enjoy it?

I always wanted to study and ended up loving science so much that I never wanted to leave! Working with polymers means starting in organic chemistry, then doing polymer chemistry and applying your final material in an inorganic, materials or biological context. One can apply large parts of what was learned during studies and the field is so wide, that you always lern something new.

And what do you do right now?

I work making new ways to create biodegradable plastic. This one is supposed become cheaper than the current one at some point and can hold more functionalities than current biodegradable plastic. While the first fact is important to make it fit for mass use, the second fact is important for applications in the biomedical field.

Plastic waste is such a great polluter, that everyone should be interested to reduce it. Making it degradable is one way of achieving that.

And when you’re not making planet saving plastics?

I officiate in athletics, go rock climbing, hiking, alpine skiing, and ski touring.

Your ideal day off??

In the mountains doing one of the hobbies named above 🙂

Welcome Jens Gaitzsch to Real Scientists!

Jens Gaitzsch

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