SATURN WEEK & Farewell to Cassini


What’s on this week at Real Scientists? It’s the last week of the amazing 20 year long journey of the spacecraft Cassini. Launched in 1997, Cassini has been studying Saturn, its rings and icy moons since 2004. This week, on September 15th Cassini end its mission by diving into Saturn. We’re celebrating the science of Saturn, the jewel of the Solar System, and the Cassini mission here all week. We have some great curators lined up for you: planetary scientists and astronomers,, led by your host Associate Professor Dr Sarah Hörst. Meet the crew:


Dr Sarah Horst (@PlanetDr) is a planetary scientist studying Saturn Moon Titan with an interest in planetary atmospheres. She’s based at Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, United States.


Dr Ben Pope (@fringetracker) is an astronomer who will be talking about using Saturn’s rings as a telescope to study the surface of stars. He’ll also be tweeting during the Cassini dive into Saturn.


Divya M Persaud (@Divya_M_P )is a graduate student-planetary scientist who has studied the icy moons of Saturn, including Iapetus, Rhea and Dione. Divya is also a polymath who makes music.


Dr Edgard Rivera-Valentín (@Planetreky) is a planetary scientist based at the famous Arecibo Radio Telescope. Ed is interested in learning about conditions for life in the solar system, with a special interest in the Saturn moon Iapetus. He’ll be on later in the week – once the power is back as Puerto Rico recovers from hurricanes.


We’re hoping to have other curators and interviews during the week. Join us in this celebration of an extraordinary mission and we look forward to you sharing  your thoughts about Saturn and Cassini this week.



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