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Open Science Week – Real Scientists

Open Science Week

[drumroll] This week at Real Scientists is OPEN ACCESS week! We’re following up on JOURNAL WEEK with 5 curators from a range of organisations working on all things digital science, open access, pre prints, peer review and data sharing.

First up, we have Ashley Farley (@ashleydfarley) from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She’s Associate Officer of Knowledge & Research Services and works with grantees on making their research open access, as well as developing the Gates Open Science platform.

Next up are Stephanie Dawson (@SDawsonBerlin) and Jon Tennant (@protohedgehog) from Science Open. Stephanie started out in fruit fly research , did with a PhD in German literature before eventually becoming CEO of Science Open. Stephanie is committed to connecting academics with each other and the free dissemination of information. Jon is the Communications Director of Science Open as well as being a palaeontologist and advocate for open access.

Midweek we have Mike Taylor (@herrison); Head of Metrics Development at Digital Science. Mike has worked in publishing in various forms, Elsevier and now studies alternative metrics and the dissemination of information.

We close up the week with Jessica Polka (@jessicapolka), Director of ASAPBio, a scientist-driven organisation promoting the use of pre prints in the biological sciences. Jessia is also a visiting scholar at the Whitehead Institute.

We’ll post the usual introductory posts for each of the curators where you can read more about them and their work as editors.

We hope to see some great discussions around open science during OPEN ACCESS week!


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