The environment is everything: welcome Naïma Jeannette Hill to Real Scientists


We’re thrilled to welcome our next curator, Naïma Jeannette Hill (@naimajeannette). Naïma teaches Environmental Biology at a community college in Dallas, Texas and freelance writes for various newspapers, magazines and online outlets. Naïma has a Master of Science degree in Biology, with a focus on Wildlife, and completed a FullSizeRender 4research thesis project on ringtails in Palo Duro Canyon State Park, located in the panhandle of Texas. Throughout her career she has been in the field as a scientist and environmental educator, and now focuses on being the communicative bridge between scientists and the general public

My first word was “outside.” I’ve always had an inherent love of the outdoors and fostered that love with education and a diversity of experience. I keep following my passions and looking for ways to grow as a person and challenge myself. Personal growth keeps me doing what I love and reaching people from all walks of life and encouraging them to discover more of the world around us.

I love what I do because I do a variety of different things that all fit into the same goals. I currently teach environmental biology at a community college in Dallas, Texas and teach earth science and ecology online. I am a freelance writer published in various newspapers, magazines and online outlets focused on the environment, ecology, wildlife and conservation. I also have a small business doing social media management and consulting for businesses. I love social media for some of the same reasons I love science – it’s always changing!

I never lost my enthusiasm for wildlife and wild spaces and grew my career following my passion. I’ve worked as a zookeeper, wildlife field research leader, teacher naturalist, environmental educator and in all of these roles I wanted to increase my knowledge and help others understand our connection to the natural world. I now teach environmental biology at Mountain View College and write curriculum for various online schools. I also own a social media management and consulting small business. I also do speaking engagements on climate change, sustainability, and science communication at various organizations around Dallas. I Skype with different aged classes throughout the country and act as a resource for anyone looking to get into the science field.

Everything we do is connected to the environment and understanding our connection to the world can give us different perspective on our lives: medicine, politics, work, raising children, etc. I love everything outdoors from kayaking to hiking and am always up for a travel adventure with my two pups and husband. We have kayaks and a stand up paddle board yet rarely take them out because rivers and lakes around the Dallas area aren’t exactly the most inviting water. FullSizeRender 6a I’ve written about how you can do it, and it’s fun, but for an east coast gal living in landlocked Dallas, I need clean water.  Amazing camping spot in Colorado just south of Rocky Mountain National Park, 8 miles out on a dirt road, on a lake surrounded by mountains with my pups, husband and kayaks. Cheers to that.


Please welcome Naïma to Real Scientists!

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