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This week has seen some more intense discussions and more off-topic conversations than usual. Some of it has left some of our followers angry or frustrated and we would like to address this before the start of our next curator.

As all rocur accounts do, Real Scientists has to strike a delicate balance: on the one hand, the account fully belongs to the curator for the week and they are free to write whatever comes to their mind. On the other hand, as moderators we have the duty to intervene if the curator engages in trolling, harassment or other hurtful statements.

This past week has been a challenge in this regard, especially for our community of followers. Please know that we are paying attention to all your comments about this. Our goal is to provide you with a platform which allows for insight and constructive debate, with as little frustration as possible.

There is only one thing which defines Real Scientists more than its curators, and that is the community. We are proud and humbled to run this project and we thank you for your patience and support.

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