Real Scientists Birthday Week with Jens Foell

This week we celebrate 4 years of @realscientists, a project set up in February 2013 to bring the lives and science of scientists to the world through twitter. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve hosted over 200 scientists, artists, clinicians, writers and communicators; talked about climate change, corals, and all kinds of science from astrophysics to cardiology. It’s a big week this week, with out @RealSciModsDr Jens Foell hosting this week; we’re launching some new @realscientists projects this year, and some prize give aways this week so stay tuned! Come celebrate with us!


Dr Jens Foell is a postdoctoral researcher in neuroscience in Florida, USA, and first curated Real Scientists in November 2015. Jens’ research interests include phantom limb pain and psychopathy. You can read more about Jens’ research interests here and his week’s curation. Jens joined Real Scientists as a moderator in 2016 and is involved in some of our emerging projects. Welcome back, Jens!








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