Unbreak my heart, say we’ll science again : thanks and farewell Rohin Francis

Rohin Francis (@MedCrisis) is a research fellow & cardiologist at University College London, and joined Real Scientists at the end of September.

Rohin Storified a bunch of his tweets, which we always love love love so please go and check them out.

A heart attack and its consequences

What happens when a heart fails completely

Introduction to heart transplants

Changing treatment for heart valves

Rohin was also a gifmatic gifatron from planet gif, and had a seemingly endless stream of cool videos to share with the RS community

And if there’s one thing that will endear you to the RS Admin team, it’s glorious/terrible puns.

Rohin was kind enough to complete our exit survey, and his answers are below.

In general terms, how did you find your week as a curator?

Brilliant. I was a little disappointed to be significantly busier (with work) than I had hoped, meaning I only had 2 or 3 days to really give it some time, but it went great. The RS faithful are a lovely bunch and there were lots of opportunities to chat to people which made it more enjoyable than just a one-way series of tweets. I think people found all the gifs useful and interesting to look at.

It can be a shock talking to so many. Did you find the sudden rush of interactions (good and bad) daunting?

Nah, everyone was nice. Sure there were a few weirdos but that’s no big deal. Several people asked me for personal advice about their own health, which is always a bit awkward when I decline to answer, but actually far fewer than I expected. If anything I’m a bit bummed out I’m back to a paltry number of followers with my own account now! I have exactly 10% the number of followers as RS! Now I’m devastated if I get under 100 likes (which is always).

What were the highlights? Were there any lowlights?

Highlights were all the nice comments, I put quite a bit of effort into making some of the gifs and it’s really nice to let a wider audience see and hear their thoughts. I suppose the whole thread about heart transplants was the big hit of the week. No lowlights except lack of time.

Is there anything you wanted to get out of / do on the RS account that you didn’t manage to fit in?

Yes. I made a (what I personally consider to be) hilarious gif of Jim al-Khalili which I totally forgot to tweet. I forgot to shamelessly plug an article I wrote. And I had planned to make and share a medical YouTube video about newborn babies, which I never managed.

I had a few requests to talk about diet and cardiovascular disease which I didn’t get around to & ran out of time. I noticed I tweeted less than other curators so perhaps I could’ve said more when I had the chance.

Did you have a plan? If so, did you stick to it?

Not really. I thought I’d just see what I felt like posting each day. Someone asked about valve replacements so I went down that route for a bit.

I decided I wouldn’t be talking about myself much, just as on my own account. In fact, I don’t even show my face normally! I don’t think anyone is interested in my day to day life.

I did achieve one thing, I went the whole week without mentioning #scicomm. I’m a huge fan of it and love good science communicators but sometimes it feels people just talk about it endlessly without DOING any actual #scicomm.

Do you have any tips or advice for future RS curators?

I would’ve liked to have cleaned up my own account beforehand and I really wanted to make a website but never got round to it, so if you want to avail of the increased traffic, make sure you’ve done your housekeeping in advance.

I didn’t have a plan so don’t feel it’s necessary but I’d certainly try to note down some vague themes or topics that you want to cover. Try not to cover too much, pick a few key interesting things. If you can, use pictures as much as possible.

What other people or accounts should people follow if they enjoyed your tweets this week?

Most of the accounts I follow are fairly medical. @EM_RESUS has some awesome ultrasound gifs – he was the main guy that inspired me to make my own. @HCTriage is a Twitter account & a slick YT channel that discusses health issues. @arh_cardio is another (much more senior) cardiologist that posts up MRI images. @Kevin_Fong & @DrAliceRoberts are two of my favourite mainstream media doctor-educators.

Thanks once again Rohin from all of us here at RealScientists HQ. If you missed anything from his week, the tweets are all collated at the following link.


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