Every day should be a holiday: farewell 2015/16 holiday curators

As has become our very own RealScientists tradition, we mixed things up a little over the Christmas/New Year break period welcoming back two former curators. First up was astrophysicist Brad Tucker of the Australian National University, taking over from December 20-29. Then science educator Amanda Glaze returned to tide us over until our regularly scheduled programming recommenced. We asked Brad and Amanda a couple of holiday-themed questions to reflect on the experience.

What (if anything) did you differently this time around?

Brad: I had more themes for each day instead of free-floating ideas.

Amanda: This time I was more aware of being present on RS at various times of the day to have conversations with those in vastly different time zones. I really knew what to expect and was able to manage time and interactions better than the first time around. I did get off topic a few times, but the sub-topics were things I felt were important conversations to have about academia and science in general for those who are seeking, or will be seeking jobs in the academy in the future.

Did you notice any difference in the interactions due to the holiday season?

Brad: Quieter than I expected however still lots of interaction.

Amanda: The holiday season was a bit slower, but I really expected that with so many people in transit during that time. I had the most engagement at the beginning and at the very end of the session when things had time to settle after the new year.

We particularly enjoyed Brad’s holiday physics squiggles…

…and this person made from telescope parts!

Amanda shared with us some fundamentals of science communication, and her experiences in teaching and communicating the science of evolution.

Thanks from everyone here at RealScientists HQ to Brad and Amanda for your efforts tweeting over the holiday period. To catch up on any tweets you may have missed go here for Brad’s tweets and go here for Amanda’s tweets.


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