It’s about to get artsy in here – Shaun O’Boyle joins Real Scientists!

wemrxb6bWe’re so excited for Shaun O’Boyle (@shaunoboyle) to join Real Scientists this week – Shaun is the research coordinator at Science Gallery, in Dublin, Ireland, a venue that combines art and science in exhibitions, events, and education programmes. As usual we asked Shaun the regular set of questions, and you can read his reponses below. In addition to twitter you can also follow Shaun on various social media, all linked on his personal website.

How did you end up in science?

I was (and still am) a huge science fiction fan, and that was probably the main reason I decided to studied science at university. I did a PhD in developmental biology and a year of postdoctoral research, before moving into science communication and public engagement.

Why did you choose your current field/what keeps you there?

In my current role, I have one foot in research and the other in engagement. I love the point where science and culture overlap, and the possibilities that come from that overlap – like unusual collaborations, interdisciplinary projects, large-scale citizen science, or amazing entertainment – keeps me there.

Tell us about your work!

I’m currently the Research Coordinator at Science Gallery, and my focus is on fostering new collaborations with researchers, and moving more research into a public setting.

Why should the lay public care about your work?

I’m lucky in that I work every day with the public, and with scientists. It’s my job to show both parties what they can gain from talking to each other, and caring about what each other have to say. So I guess I mainly care about the lay public caring about other people’s research.

Do you have any interesting external/extracurricular obligations?

I also make radio documentaries and podcasts (in the producing duo, ‘Maurice & Shaun’) and have worked as a science advisor for television and theatre projects.

The perfect day off would include an X-Files marathon while eating Nutella straight from the jar.

Do you have any hobbies?

I like reading graphic novels, walking along the Atlantic coastline, baking bread, and I’m not averse to a crafternoon.


Please welcome Shaun to Real Scientists!

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