Science for Humanity: Annie Feighery of mwater joins Real Scientists

We bid farewell to a spectacular week’s tweeting from the Keeper of the Maps for NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover, Fred Calef III. Massive thanks to Fred and the crew from NASA JPL for such an entertaining week.


And now, from the American West Coast to the East: we welcome Dr Annie Feighery (@anniefeighery) form New York City: CEO and co-founder of mwater, an amazing initiative, where scientists, engineers, and software developers have worked together to create a platform for data management with the long term aim of eliminating water-borne diseases.



While our planet is covered with vast oceans, drinkable, or rather, potable water is a precious resource the world over. As glaciers melt, forests are cut down, and rainfall diminishes, it’s not just a developing world issue. As a long drought in California has recently shown, access to clean drinking water combined with increasing;y urbanised populations will be one of the main challenges to societies in the coming decade.  In other regions of the world, access to clean drinking water is one challenge,  a lack of infrastructure and prevention of water-borne illnesses combine with poverty to provide challenges to sanitation and significant childhood health problems.  With this in mind, Annie and a group of scientists, engineers, public health officials and developers – John Feighery, Clayton Grassick, Amandus Mashamba, Rachel Smith, and Mathieu Briauthe created the mwater app.

Annie co-founded mWater in 2011, as a technology startup that creates mobile data solutions for water, sanitation, and health. The organization runs the M&E back-end for the world’s largest water organizations, including WaterAid and The mWater app has users in 57 countries, providing free and open access platforms for mapping and monitoring infrastructure, deploying mobile surveys and displaying real time visualizations of health data. Annie holds a doctorate in behavioural health, a masters in international educational development, and a masters of public administration from Columbia University. Annie has been recognized by UN Dispatch and the One Campaign as a leading global expert in social media for maternal and child health.

WaterAid Malawi at kiosk
We’re looking forward to hearing Annie talk about how with mwater,  scientists and public health officials can work together with data scientists to create an accessible data management platform, bring it to the market, keep it open-source, and empower local communities to use this information and live reporting to better manage precious water supplies.  What’s also intriguing is how this can provide a for open data management and community empowermen in the developing and developed world. Perhaps Apple’s Research app might learn a thing or two. So, please welcome Annie to Real Scientists!

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