2014 Christmas Lecturer to curate @RealScientists

Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.As you may have heard from one of the many, many plugs we’ll be doing for it, Professor Danielle George is this year’s Christmas Lecturer at the Royal Institution of Great Britan, and will be running the @RealScientists account next week!

So from November the 2nd to November the 9th, Professor Danielle George (from the University of Manchester) will be taking over the @RealScientists account and tweeting about everything from her research into radio astronomy and millimetre-wave radiometer development, to some behind-the-scenes titbits from her design and setup of the CHRISTMAS LECTURES©.

For those of you who have not heard of them before, the CHRISTMAS LECTURES© hosted at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, are an annual event begun in 1825. Their purpose was to demonstrate science & engineering to “a juvenile auditory” though spectacular demonstrations. Since then (with a brief break during World War 2) the lectures have inspired and delighted children for 189 years. One of my earliest memories of getting truly excited about science was when I went to see them aged about 6 or 7, and watching them every year on the BBC was always something I looked forward to.

The Ri by night

For the CHRISTMAS LECTURES©, Danielle will be giving a series of 3 talks titled Sparks will fly: How to hack your home, which will look at the ‘spark’ of innovation and invention behind 3 of the biggest world changing inventions: the light bulb, the telephone and the motor. Each invention is examined from their creation by scientists and engineers tinkering and hacking in their homes to what is now possible to do in yours.

Danielle has promised to share some of the setup and planning behind this grand event, and is even hoping to reach out to the community for their ideas on hacking and re-engineering the home. You can do this early if you like via the website HackGallery.org. She will also show us a little of her work at Manchester University and if she gets time, some of the work she does with local schools to promote the teaching of science and engineering in primary education.

We will obviously write up a profile of Danielle when she starts her week on the account, which I have to confess I’m quite excited about.

Photography by Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.

Matthew (@MCeeP)

Matthew is a research fellow at Cranfield University that while trained as a biochemist has accidentally ended up working with optical sensor systems. In addition to helping out @RealScientists he also runs a blog called Errant Science and writes a monthly column for Laboratory News .

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