A DisCERNing Scientist; Clara Nellist Joins RealScientists!

ClaraThis week we have the pleasure of introducing Clara Nellist as curator of RealScientists. Like all real scientists, Clara is crazy busy, and we’ll be sure to update the post when she gets a chance to answer our incoming curator questions. In the short term, however, Clara sent us a short blurb as a place-holder, and normally tweets @claranellist.

I’m a particle physicist working on the ATLAS experiment at CERN. I completed my PhD at The University of Manchester in the UK working on a new type of pixel detector for the ATLAS . I now work at LAL in Orsay, France and live in Paris. I still work on new pixel detectors for upgrades of ATLAS, but half of my time is also spent studying what happens when Higgs bosons change into tau particles (heavier cousins of electrons).

Everyone, please try to keep your CERN fangirling to manageable levels while you welcome Clara to RealScientists!

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Sarah Morgan

I'm a Research Fellow at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. I work in the meld space between compulsory education and tertiary scientific research; we develop teaching modules using the real research stories around us in the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease field. Engagement is the name of the game - creating opportunities for teachers, students and scientists to interact, and enrich learning on all sides. Scicomm is my passion, though I come from a molecular genetics research background.

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