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The Macro Life of a Microbiologist – Thanks and Farewell Mel Thomson – Real Scientists

The Macro Life of a Microbiologist – Thanks and Farewell Mel Thomson

If the only twitter account you followed was @RealScientists you would not have been bored or short of reading material this week. Our curator Mel Thomson fed us a veritable flurry of very fascinating tweets on all aspects of her science and her life.

Science is great. I enjoy gin. I’m on a plane.

Mel spent a lot of the week covering the challenges of balancing academic life (teaching, administrative responsibilities, research, student supervision) along with family and her substantial science communication and outreach activities.

There was also a significant discussion of the challenges that women face in academia and the sciences, with many twitter users weighing in and adding their own experiences to the conversation. Mel also handled some decidedly dreadful interactions from the darker corners of twitter with aplomb.

A particular highlight of the week was the array of wonderful tights and leggings Mel couples with #labsafe footwear. This prompted a flurry of replies of examples of #labsafe shoes from around the world. Popular choices include Doc Martens, Converse Chucks and Campers.


The many shoes and tights of Mel and friends.

Friday evening saw Mel treating us to a live-tweeting of the recording of the podcast Science on Top (friends of RealScientists, check them out!), and the raucus sciencey drinking networking session that followed.

We thank Mel for her non-stop action on RealScientists this week, with a prodigous volume of gin and science powered tweets. She truly, as one RS follower remarked, has a “passion for science and life”.

To catch anything you missed from Mel, we have a storify in many many many parts, and also check out her current crowdfunding campaign aimed at combatting infections in hip implant patients, Hips4Hipsters – only a few weeks left for Mel to reach her funding goal.

Next up our first non-human curator, The Museum of Human Disease!

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