This Broadcasting Life: Luis Quevedo joins Real Scientists

We are delighted to welcome Luis Quevedo/@luis_quevedo, scientist-turned science-communicator, broadcaster and producer to Real Scientists.  Luis has produced his own documentaries and films, and is managing director of the spectacular Festival of Cinema and Science of New York, Imagine Science Film Festival, which is geared towards promoting collaboration and dialogue between scientists and filmmakers – a different kind of translational research (sorry).  The Imagine Science Festival is now in its fifth year.




Luis also directs and presents the 30min Spanish-language segment Science, Health and Technology on NTN24, presenting science/tech stories daily and broadcasting across the US and Latin America. 

Aside from TV and film, Luis is a former producer for NPR’s Spanish edition of Science Friday, and currently produces his own podcast, ProbetaNY and also has a blog, that you can read here (in Spanish).  Luis will also be our second bilingual tweeter.


Please welcome Luis Quevedo, broadcasting superstar to Real Scientists!


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