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Dark Matters: Thanks and Farewell, Bryan Gaensler – Real Scientists

Dark Matters: Thanks and Farewell, Bryan Gaensler

It’s been a huge week at @realscientists, as Prof. Bryan Gaensler, director of Australia’s ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics agency for astrophysics tweeted up a storm.


“here’s everything I need to stay busy, sane, & on top of the cosmos” – Prof Gaensler (C)

In fact, it’s been pretty epic: Bryan managed to travel both interstate and overseas, visit  Mount Stromlo’s destroyed telescope, manage multiple meetings AND several hugely engaging debates and conversations from science, academia and writing that drew responses from scientists and non-scientists alike.


The remains of Mt Stromlo’s Observatory. Image copyright Prof. Bryan Gaensler

One of the most interesting debates surrounded the issue of sexism, both implicit and overt in science, particularly the physical sciences and the insecure nature of the academic life.  Prof Gaensler talked a lot about ways of overcoming some of the barriers preventing women from entering or progressing up the ladder in the physical science. You can find these debates, including some great conversations about Dark Matter and Dark Energy, in the Storifys: Part 1Part 2Part 3 and Part 4. We thank Bryan for his huge effort in tweeting and engagement while travelling cross-country and the planet!  We wish you all good things for your research. You can follow Bryan’s continuing adventures at his regular account, @SciBry and the CAASTRO work on Facebook.

And we were delighted to see Real Scientists hit the 7000 follower mark, which means that your humble correspondent will have to do cartwheels in celebration. A huge thank you to the entire Real Scientists community for your continuing support.


Next up: The Return of Phil Torres!

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