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Science straight ahead! Thanks Joel – like the Socceroos, you scored. – Real Scientists

Science straight ahead! Thanks Joel – like the Socceroos, you scored.

ABC radio

The Australian Broadcasting Commission charter states:

The principal function of the ABC is to inform, educate and entertain all Australians.

After a monster week tweeting about science, journalism, radio, interviews, websites and so much more….Joel, we think you’ve managed to show why you’re such a stellar ABC employee.

What was the standout?

Could have been:

music + science = sexy.

Or maybe:


This one is sure to keep cropping up:

What is the difference between science communication and science journalism?

Could be this tip for aspiring radio stars:

You can¬†definitely¬†over edit. It’s bad. Don’t do it.

Admittedly, this was pretty exciting:

Full time at the Socceroos vs Iraq.


Then there was the poetic:

The process of science itself is beautiful, and we need to communicate that more.

Joel hopped on board his first science twitter chat, after this:

So, what’s an #onsci?

And gathered a list of preferred science sites and authors (find the list here).

He played his access-to-media-platforms card beautifully, talking about RealScientists on RN Drive Twitterati and appearing on RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly. Excellent, excellent.

But perhaps the most memorable thing this past week was that Joel posted a photo of a weird dehydrated chicken belonging to ABC science journalist, legend and twitter denier Robyn Williams.


What are we supposed to do with that Joel?

All jokes aside: thanks Joel, you’re simply swell. RealScientists was thrilled to have you on board.

You can review Joel’s week in tweets here.

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