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His Dark Materials Party – farewell and thanks Matthew Francis – Real Scientists

His Dark Materials Party – farewell and thanks Matthew Francis

Dark Matter. It makes up a large bulk of the universe, but physicists are still learning about it.  This week, Dr Matthew Francis negotiated some amazing answers to queries about everything cosmological while partying hard to Bach and 80s pop.  It was a Dark Matter Party here on Real Scientists.

Physics in the Pub

Physics in the Pub

Songlists for writing and laundry featured in what was a big week for science with the Supreme Court of the US’s gene patent ruling and Hug a Climate Scientist Day. We had some great primers to Relativity, Dark Matter and subatomic physics all relayed  with ease and grace while writing for several different agencies as well as his own book.  A Book on quarks for children is one of Matthew’s proposals, and we hope this wonderful idea takes shape for real!

Here is Matthew’s primer on the Twin Paradox – it helps you understand Relativity!  Read from bottom up:


Matthew also shared some invaluable advice on writing about science, and we’re going to collect some of that as separate Storifys for you, as well as the Storify for all his tweets this week. It’s been an entertaining week with a bit of a party atmosphere, and we sincerely thank Matthew for his awesome tweeting and enthusiasm this week.  Some day, I hope we can have a party with all our curators, just to say thanks and so your Real Scientists operatives can spend quality time asking physics and cosmology questions. I think Matthew will be DJ for that one.

You can keep following Matthew’s tweets over at @DrMRFrancis and to read more about his work, check out his blog Bowler Hat Science.

Next up, we welcome ABC Journalist Joel Werner!

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