Very GC: farewell Renée Webster


Crikey, this week has fair dinkum flown past like a kookaburra with its arse-feathers on fire and it’s time to farewell bonzer sheila @reneewebs from Rool Scientists. Ay. No wucken furries!

…Sorry, no idea what came over me there. Thanks to Renee Webster for a brilliant week of loose talk and fuelish behaviour on @RealScientists – covering analytical chemistry, GC-QTOF wrangling, T-shirt designing, alternative fuels, being in the right headspace for GC analysis, and how to appropriately fangurl-out while getting autographs from Nobel laureates. I for one now know a hell of a lot more about the art of analytical chem than I ever knew before (as well as confirming once and for all that what I do know is not much of two fifths of frack all.) Credit to Renee for making a complex science incredibly accessible. And for rocking a Buckyball hoodie with a style few of our previous curators could pull off…

770281435As always, if you missed anything from Renee’s week on the account catch up on Storify. Keep following Renee on her blog and on Twitter. Next week: Lepidoptery with Dr Andy Warren. Because lepidoptery is awesome and so is he.

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