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We are all made of stars: thanks and farewell, Brad Tucker – Real Scientists

We are all made of stars: thanks and farewell, Brad Tucker

“Science should be accessible, not confusing. Scientists are the ones who should be confused, not the public.”

Being that the RealScientists team are World’s Best Practice at the above, we offer heartfelt thanks and farewell to this week’s RealScientists curator Brad Tucker – footballer, Mexican chef, science communicator, supernova cosmologist and Renaissance man of Mount Stromlo. Brad’s spent the week providing our followers with answers to all the Big Questions, like how a meteorite is like a frozen pie, why WIMPs are better than MACHOs, and why astrology pays better than astronomy. Scratch that, none of us can figure out why the hell that is, but it doesn’t say much about society in general. Stay tuned to RealScientists and follow Brad’s personal Twitter @btucker22 for Brad’s further adventures in cosmology, cookery and beagle-wrangling, as well as the results of Brad’s #realscicomp, in which you can WIN FABULOUS PRIZES!!!1! A recap:

The #realscicomp Competition is all about communicating to science communicators how best to communicate science: to enter, tweet @RealScientists or @btucker22 (hashtagged #realscicomp) a way you think scientists can better communicate; or in your view, what is the best way to pass information on, or is there a particular medium that works best – short tweets, articles, talks, pictures, etc.

1st: Private star gazing and tour at Mt. Stromlo Observatory for you + 7 guests. Date to be chosen by winner (with Brad’s advice)
2nd Prize: Framed series of three images from the Apollo 11 missions
3rd Prize: Personalized autographed copy of the latest book by theoretical physicist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss @LKrauss1
Entries due Sunday, May 5, 9am AEST, winners announced 10am AEST Sunday. Limit 20 entries per person/twitter account. Remember to hashtag with #realscicomp.

Aside from rewarding the winners, all entries will be collated into a list which we hope to bring to you (via Brad) in coming weeks. Thanks again to Brad. If you missed anything from Brad’s week on the account, catch up on Storify: http://storify.com/RealScientists/realscientists-astrophysicist-brad-tucker.


Hubble Heritage Image Gallery via http://heritage.stsci.edu/gallery/gallery.html

NEXT: Citizen of Earth, zoogeographer, and science communicator @DustinWelbourne.


James is a recovering scientist and escaped postdoc who works in research management at the University of Otago, New Zealand. He's now retired from active @RealScientists duty, after serving from the project's beginnings in 2013 through to mid 2015. When not managing research, surviving #PlanetParenthood or pretending not to be an expat Australian in the Deep South of NZ, he tweets @theotherdrsmith.

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