We can haz Daz? Thanks and farewell, Darren Saunders

RealScientists is waving a reluctant adieu to our curator of this past week, Dr Darren Saunders of the Garvan Institute. Daz’s tweets on cancer biology, anti-vaxers, the parlous state of research funding and what-the-hell-is-an-ORFeome captivated many, as did his tweets on performance enhancing drugs. Sorry, his tweets ABOUT performance enhancing drugs (we don’t want Daz having to front ASADA because of his week on the account.) Check out Spotify to catch up with anything you missed, and follow him @whereisdaz for more of the same.

And now for something completely different. This week, we will be welcoming canine research dynamic duo Mia Cobb and Julie Hecht of Do You Believe In Dog?



James is a recovering scientist and escaped postdoc who works in research management at the University of Otago, New Zealand. He's now retired from active @RealScientists duty, after serving from the project's beginnings in 2013 through to mid 2015. When not managing research, surviving #PlanetParenthood or pretending not to be an expat Australian in the Deep South of NZ, he tweets @theotherdrsmith.

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