Tweet ya Later – Farewell and thanks, Will J Grant

We bid thanks and farewell to the scienceytastic, word-and-punctuation-inveting, map-loving social media butterfly Will J Grant/@willozap after an engaging week tweeting for us at Real Scientists.  Will’s real-time tweets from his own lectures, coal-hunting (for Santa?) and design exploits entertained us for the past week on Twitter.  


In truth, the coal was for his upcoming TEDx Canberra Salon talk (April 17th GET YOUR TICKETS) on climate change politics, which we are very much looking forward seeing, here at Real Scientists HQ.  Will also crowd-sourced retail designs for his talk and gave us insight into how, as he said “knowledge of politics and the political process.”  This knowledge and these skills are immensely important addition for the scientific skill set, something that all scientists must recognise that they need.





Best of all, Will has engaged you, his Real Scientists audience on a scale we haven’t seen before, proving that science communication is as essential as technical skill in science.  Thanks Will, and all the best. We’re look forward to his upcoming documentary, and we’ll definitely let you know more about his TEDx Canberra talk as information comes to hand.

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