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Stars in their eyes: thanks and farewell, Michele Bannister – Real Scientists

Stars in their eyes: thanks and farewell, Michele Bannister

Astronomical thanks to @astrokiwi, Michele Bannister of the Outer Solar System Origins Survey, for her star turn as this week’s @RealScientists curator. Michele’s kept up our meteoric standards of universally fascinating science tweetage, and we’re over the moon with the stellar response; even had we tried, we simply couldn’t planet better. Of course, if you have any thoughts, send them through; we always value your feedback. Remember, comet is free.

Yes, I’ll stop now.

Congratulations also to @TheWah for cleaning up in @AstroKiwi’s RealScientists Space Haiku Competition, with his submission ‘Solar wind smashes | Interstellar medium | Termination shock.’ The Wah is a Queensland-based educator and science communicator who co-hosts science, comedy and stupidity podcast Smart Enough To Know Better. He will be receiving a package of astro-goodies from Michele, shortly before he is mugged for said package of astro-goodies by disgruntled coordinators of RealScientists who weren’t allowed to enter. Thanks again to Michele for the brilliant idea and the prizes!

If you missed any of Michele’s curation, check out http://storify.com/RealScientists/real-scientists-michele-bannister-aka-astrokiwi.

Next on Real Scientists, @willozap aka Dr Will Grant of the ANU’s National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science. We’ll have more on Will very soon.


James is a recovering scientist and escaped postdoc who works in research management at the University of Otago, New Zealand. He's now retired from active @RealScientists duty, after serving from the project's beginnings in 2013 through to mid 2015. When not managing research, surviving #PlanetParenthood or pretending not to be an expat Australian in the Deep South of NZ, he tweets @theotherdrsmith.

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